Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures has received the next part of the long awaited PvP update today along with a slew of other changes and updates. The patch has introduced the new Notoriety system that will now punish players for killing those of a much lower level by flagging them as a criminal and if they persist, a murderer. Shady Camps have been added for these outcast criminals to shop and if they so chose begin their journey to redemption.

PvP Notoriety System

  • The Notoriety system will be introduced in update. You can be flagged as a Criminal or Murderer depending on your actions in PvP.
  • Criminals and Murderers can trade with their guild NPCs, and with shady merchants and bankers.
  • Murderer Resurrection Points have been added, and are marked on the minimap. Murderers can only resurrect at these locations. Other players cannot see murderer resurrection points unless they are also murderers.
  • PvP XP is now split between all attacking groups and individuals, based on their relative damage.
  • Outlaw camps have been added in several adventure playfields and hubs, for use by Murderers
  • Outlaw camp vendors sell green and blue potions.
  • A player attacking another, who is of too low level to yield PvP XP to the attacker., will now be flagged as a criminal for a few minutes.
  • The cost for using shady teleporters is relative to the number of murderpoints the player has.
  • When you are in a playfield that is too high level for you, you will receive a debuff called Free Prey. While this debuff is on you, attackers are free to kill you without being penalized with criminal status or murder points.
  • All guards should attack murderers now.
  • Redeemer npcs in the Outlaw camps will give murderers quests which will enable them to reduce their murderpoints.
  • When awarding PvP xp to a group of players, the base XP is now calculated based on the highest level character in the group (similar to how PvE XP is calculated).
  • Guards can now use ranged weapons.
  • It should no longer be possible to engage in pvp on pvp servers inside raid instances.
  • No PvP xp reward will be given if a guard helped you kill someone.
  • The criminal buff will be reset to 5 minutes if you hit your target again while you have the buff.
  • All guards in Conall's Valley, Conarch Village, Old Tarantia, and Khemi will now attack players when appropriate.
  • If you are a Murderer you will have access to a Criminal chat channel.
  • Criminals will never get help from a guard (when attacked by players and NPCs).
  • Innocents will get help from guards when getting attacked (by players and NPCs).
  • You can read the full list of notes here.
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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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