Please don't cast Arnold, please don't cast Arnold...

Funcom's Erling Ellingsen confirmed at the Leipzig GDC that their game Age of Conan will tie into the new Conan film that is currently in pre-prodcution from Lionsgate films. While no director or cast is attached to the project yet, Lionsgate is purported to be budgeting over $100 million for the film. Hopefully, they can do it right this time, while still meshing a bit with the two films from the 80s.

Speaking at the Leipzig Games Convention, Funcom's Erling Ellingsen confirmed that the company's Age of Conan MMO will tie in with the new Conan film being produced by Lionsgate.

"The movie is set for release next year, and it's going to be a huge movie. Lionsgate recently announced that they're putting a hundred million dollars into it," Ellingsen said. No cast or director is attached to the film yet, however.

"We have a very close relationship with the guys making the movie," Ellingsen continued. "I had lunch with the producer just the other day. We're talking to them all the time.

"Yes, we will tie the two together."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016