Archlord on Archlord.

There's a new Archlord interview up over at MPOGD with the full community team.

Codemaster’s free to play MMORPG Archlord has been trucking along for the last several years. MPOGD had the chance recently to get some questions answered by the Archlord Community Team. The team is made up by Mr. Ktat, Satine, and Ulric.

MPOGD: I’ve downloaded Archlord, and it’s beautiful. I have to say, it beats the pants off of the other free offerings. What made you decide to do without the monthly fee?

ACT: Glad to hear you like it. The MMO Market has been always been looking at different ways to let players get access to their products. Removing the monthly fee opens the game up to more people.

This model is extremely popular in the Eastern markets such as Korea, and has slowly been gaining acceptance in the Western market via small scale MMO releases from indie publishers. Codemasters Online believe this is an important part of the MMO space and moving forward with mainstream F2P games such as ArchLord we are demonstrating that players are comfortable using a model like this.

Read the interview and see a few screenshots at MPOGD.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016