Name The Servers And Make Your Mark

The makers of the forthcoming ArchLord have announced an exciting contest. This contest gives you a chance to name the five servers that the game will have at launch! Keep reading for more details...

ArchLord is pleased to announce a fantastic new competition

Let me share with you the details of this fantastic competition: one lucky winner will receive an exclusive ArchLord PC casing courtesy of as well has having all five ArchLord servers graced with the very names they have chosen.

So here are the details for you; we are asking you to provide names for all five servers:
· These names must follow a theme that is evident across all five names.
· When picking the names please avoid using real people, trademarked names and swear words. Generally, apply common sense.
· Once you have settled on your five names, put them in an email along with your name, age, address and send it to [email protected]

There you have it – if you win you'll be in with the chance to win this stunning custom PC case and to have your server names emblazoned across the ArchLord servers for their lifetime!

So get thinking and sign up to the BETA for some fantastic inspiration!

Now comes the fun legal bit: "By entering the Archlord Beta Server Competition ("Competition") you shall be deemed to have accepted the Competition's terms and conditions which can be found by clicking here. The competition is open to anyone who can comply with the Competition terms and conditions worldwide. No admission fee or purchase is necessary to participate. One entry per person."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016