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If you don't understand something I have said or abbreviated, get
caught up on the terminology href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/21987" target="_blank">here.)

As the old saying goes, "All good things must come to an end." And this week so does the Border Kingdom Cryer. This will be the last in this illustrious series of forum round up and weekly funnies as starting next week I will officially be shipped over to the World of Warcraft site here at Ten Ton Hammer as part of a restructuring move for a massive team project for that game. Thus my time here on the Age of Conan Community Site is at an end. I would like to take this moment to thank all of you fine community members that made the last year on this site so enjoyable. So let's go out on a high note shall we?




PvP review

PvP has gotten a lot of work in previous patches but there are still some issues with the system and the Notoriety System as well. Currently there are several ways one can grief or exploit the system and Ultime put together this little review of the system to highlight some of the problems still around. Funcom US Community Manager Glen 'Famine' Swan dropped in to offer a few words on the subject as well.

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We hope you enjoyed the Border Kingdom Cryer as it comes to an end.

What is the fascination with player housing?

This thread is all about player housing and what makes it great. Of course as with any thread that involves immersion mechanics you have a certain few people who Trash Responses Obnoxiously Like Losers or Troll for short. In any case, this thread discusses why player housing is important and like most other mechanics it is simple immersion to the gaming world. The more options you give a player to entertain themselves with the better your game will be. I guess the Trolls forgot that the point to playing a game is to have fun and to have fun you need options and things to do. Complicated concept right?

2009, what do you want to see?

Now that 2009 has arrived what would you like to see in AoC this year? This is a sort of New Years wish list from players about how they would like to see the game improved in the new year. Add your list of items and talk about others here. As for me, I want some kind of new funky sword no one else has that can both decapitate and implode my enemies head with one foul fatality landing swoop.

TTH video of new Cradle of Decay Instance Level 43

After we posted our latest video of the Cradle of Decay the AoC community opened discussion on the new dungeon. As expected some people bashed Funcom for not developing higher level content (which they are) and complained that there is already too much mid-level content (which there isn't) leading to what actually turned out to be a decent discussion despite the complaints.

So Bloodspire...tell us how the merge went?

The first server merger has been complete and the community is discussing how things are going on the newly merged 'Bloodspire' and 'Hyperborea' server now called 'Bloodspire'. So far things seem positive and people are happy. Expect more mergers in the near future.


Ten Ton
Hammer Threads of the Week


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The Cradle of Decay will soon be available to explore.

Cradle of Decay Video

In case you missed our video of the Cradle of Decay this week check it out here. Our community has been talking a lot about this recent video and the new dungeon. Give it a look and tell us what you think of AoC's soon to be newest cave dwelling.

Stupidest things you've done when drunk

If you have ever been drunk then you most likely have done at least one thing incredibly stupid. Mikes wants to know what that one thing (things?) is that you might have done when tanked. Several of the community have already chimed in with comical stories of their own. Share yours if you have one. just remember, we're not laughing at you we're laughing with you.

The Daily "It Made Me Laugh!"

What better way to start a new year off than with a good laugh. This thread is all about having fun and enjoying a good laugh with various forms of humor. Give it a read and enjoy our communities sense of humor. Share some of your own if you know a good funny link.


Weekly Funny with the Tuk


face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"> style="font-weight: bold;">(The Weekly Funny is not
reflective of the views of Ten Ton Hammer. That said, they are of mine.)

Seeing as this is the last Border Kingdom Cryer I figured I would leave you with a bit of comical reading this week as opposed to a new video. This is a preview from a book I came across online and it is sure to provide a good few laughs. Trust me on this. It is hysterical. Now as I bid you farewell, enjoy this little bit called...

The Alphabet of Manliness


AoC Ten Ton Hammer Content


Ten Ton Hammer has
rolled out a ton of new content, videos, and guides since launch and
the content train is still rolling. In case you missed it here is all
the great content from this past week.

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class="style7">Other Content

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