Ten Ton Hammer was fortunate enough this weekend to get a sneak preview of Champions Online and we were dazzled by the dozens of super powers awaiting potential heroes. Like shopping in a candy store we saw everything you can imagine from elemental abilities to simple firearms. With the scrutinizing eye of a seasoned comic book geek RadarX looks at what can you expect this summer when the game finally hits shelves.

Champions has your obvious options for the elements in here including Fire, Ice, and Electricity. Instead of doing things the easy way and making all the powers similar, Cryptic opted to really flesh out each path and added flavor to each. The larger Fire and Electricity attack for example hit multiple targets, while the Ice seems to only affect a single for more damage. Each element will allow players to not only solo effectively, but the also appear to make an amazing support class. With powers like Chain Lightning, Fire Strike, and Ice Blast you can expect this power group to be a player favorite. I also look forward to how many variations of the word "pyro" can be generated by the community for the names of their player characters.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016