Chronicles of Spellborn
Comes Out

Every once in awhile, a game and their development company will go into
"blackout mode" and not talk to the press for a certain period of time.
This is what happened with The Chronicles of Spellborn and the U.S.
press; it's been awhile since we heard from them, but now we've got the
scoop on what's happening with this amazing game few people have heard
of. Ten Ton Hammer's Garrett Fuller brings you the entire story in his
latest article!

On top of that, if you strive to be the best PvP player, or are the
first to complete a PvE objective, then you will get your own statue in
the town square! So when you complete your objective, make sure you
have on your best loot because your statue will be standing for all to

Peek behind the blackout curtains for all the href="">details!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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