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comes to an end eventually. Whether it’s a
job, a movie, or a beloved family pet, there comes a point when it can
longer carry on. Everyone handles such endings differently, no matter
what the
subject matter. This is even true for video games and especially MMOs.
Over the
years, a number of titles have had their last hurrah – Auto
Assault, The Matrix
Online, Tabula Rasa, and City of Heroes are all dead and gone.


this happens, the game community in question is
quite obviously upset, hurt, and angered over the decision. Most of the
those feelings come out in the form of emails, forum posts, website
and other outlets. Some players even toss legal concerns to the wind
and work
on creating emulators by mining the data of the game in question. Argue
legality of such projects all you want, but if a person or company
doesn’t own
the intellectual property rights, then they have no right to create an
emulator, no matter how much they love a game.


the past, these various forms of outcries have fallen
on deaf ears and the game in question eventually becomes nothing more
than a
footnote in the annals of MMO history. Tales of glory and adventure
still get
told around the campfire late at night, but in the end,
they’re nothing more
than memories. Believe it or not though, this tale may have a different


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than accept defeat, one group of enterprising
individuals have gone a different route and created their own company
Missing Worlds Media. Their intent? To create a spiritual successor to
the game
they all loved so much, City
of Heroes
It may seem like an impossible task, but their href="">recent
fund raising efforts say
otherwise. In less than a single week, the company
has met its initial fundraising goal of $320,000. In fact, as of the
time of
this writing, they’ve even surpassed their first stretch goal
and are sitting
at a whopping $386,000+ with 24 days still left to go.


this kind of support being shown so quickly in a
Kickstarter endeavor, we decided City
deserved some digging
into so we reached out and spoke with the
game’s Project Lead, Chris Hare. Chris was there during the style="">City of Heroes
beta and stuck with the
game until its untimely end. He’s seen the highs and
he’s witnessed the lows
first hand. It was the support of the game’s fans that
initially prompted him
and others to start work on City
. The project hit some
bumps along the road (as any volunteer-only workgroup
will) and some involved members split off to pursue other projects.


forward to today and the progress the team has made
is clear. As they explain in their Kickstarter video, they’ve
been busy testing
different systems, different engines, and more. Once it was decided
what would
be needed to complete the project, it was time to start requesting
While they’ve broken down the costs of some things such as
licensing costs for
the graphics engine, there are still some areas that haven’t
been disclosed
yet. When asked about this, Chris said an update on the companies
infrastructure needs will be coming in the future.


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style="">City of Heroes
had a history of community involvement and Chris was quick to confirm
that City of
would involve players in
a similar fashion but even more so than its predecessor. In fact, there
quite a few interesting plans in the works Chris was kind enough to
make us
privy to, but that we can’t share until they’re
publicly announced by Missing
World Media themselves.  Let’s
just say
that if they can be pulled off, former style="">City
of Heroes players are going to
be very happy.


of the more interesting pieces of the conversation we
had involved the vision for the game. The initial goal is to allow
players to have
a traditional story-guided experience, all the way to level 50 if they
choose. Chris also stated, “ style="">I consider
playing multiple characters to be part of the end game of City of
Heroes –
experiencing things through different perspectives and different
He wants this concept to continue in City of Titans, but with all the
bells and
whistles attached that you can imagine. There are big plans for lots of
possible storylines players will be able to play through from level 1
to 50.


style=""> Before
I let Chris
go, there was one topic in particular I had to bring up because
let’s face it –
a world of superheroes and supervillains naturally lends itself to PvP.
I told
Chris that I thought City of Heroes should have allowed some
superheroes to try
and mess up my bank job when I’m holding it up as a
supervillain. The two sides
should be actively working to screw the other side over. When I brought
up my
issues, he laughed excitedly and would only say, “ style="">Let’s just say PvP is a hot topic”.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016