JoBildo: Let’s get the courtesies out of the way first. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview with us. It’s always great to get to know one of clans a bit more.


Logun24x7: Thanks JoBildo for giving us the opportunity to get the word out about our guild and heading up the Clan Soup project. I guess we should introduce ourselves I'm the Assistant Chapter Leader for the OTG - AoC PvE (Normal) clan and we also have Gamm here our Lead Recruiting Officer.

Gamm: Wait I thought this was for a job... aww man! Seriously though thank you for taking the time to meet with us.

JoBildo: They don't let me hire people, sorry Gamm. If they did, the company would have gone under by now. Anyway, tell us (that is the entire world) a little bit about THE OLD TIMERS GUILD.

Logun24x7: Well we got started in 2005 with DDO as a group of mature players interested in having fun in the game and enjoying the game for it had to offer. Win, lose, or draw; we wanted people with the objective to just have FUN.

We started advertising the Guild with our motto "Laid back not too serious all about the Fun" and by the launch of DDO we had 900+ members...LOL. It did take long after that to take the next step and go multi-game with OTG. Now we have chapters in DDO, WoW, EQ2, EvE, PoTBS, COH, Vanguard, HL, LOTRO and a few that I'm probably forgetting...

JoBildo: That's a lot of Old Timers... it's like living near a golf course in central Florida. How would you guys classify yourselves? Are you a tight-knit role-play clan, a PvP clan…?

Gamm: If you take our motto to heart we are a guild that wants to go back to the reason why many of us play games. TO HAVE FUN!!.

I know deep concept, right?

The truth be told, when people play games real life comes in and can cause a distraction. We all know it will happen and because of this we don’t force members to be die hard players. Members can raid, PvP, craft when they chose its not a decision we force them to have. We strive to make the time you play a game fun not another job or a burden. Just enjoy the game and your fellow mates around you.

JoBildo: What more could a player ask for? Freedom should be paramount, along with brother/sisterhood. Good call. Do you want to give us an idea of how the Clan’s run? What’s the leadership like, and how do you guys delegate authority? Basically, are you more Hitler or more Gandhi?

Logun24x7: Definitely more Gandhi. We have your basic Guild Leader for each chapter with Officer underneath them to deal with event organization, Raids, Recruiting, Mass PvP but what makes us a bit different from other guilds is we have a Council of Administrator that are made up of founders and long term members that all the Chapter Leader have to answer to, they make sure we all stick to OTG's original vision.

JoBildo: And how many members are there currently in your Clan?

Gamm: At this time we are going to try to set the record for a Funcom game launch. We have over 1000 members. With over 700 in the PvE and the other 300 on the RP-PvP servers. What can we say people love us. Many are coming to join us based on reputation from games like PotBS, DDO, and VG.

JoBildo: It’s a pretty popular thing in terms of guilds and clans to host events on their respective servers. Is that something THE OLD TIMERS GUILD ever does?

Logun24x7: Absolutely, we ran many events in our Vanguard chapter with Crafting swap meets and Item giveaways. I can't give you anything specifically planed for AoC yet but I could see having some huge Drunken Brawling nights...

JoBildo: Well if you guys are recruiting for new members, can you tell us what exactly it takes to become one of the Clan? What’s required of a future member?

Logun24x7: Well we look for mature players over 25 and not dead yet that know how to have fun.

Gamm: Logun covered for us. If you’re an adult over 25 and can follow a few steps present to you by a recruiting officer you will be allowed to be a member. We don’t have the jumping through hoops that some guild present to their people wishing to join.

JoBildo: Alright, well that concludes the interview... unless you guys have anything to add on behalf of The Old Timers Guild?

Logun24x7: Just a thank you, JoBildo and keep up the good work you guys do over here at TTH for the AoC community and all the games you cover.

Gamm: So does this mean I get the job.. when can I start?

JoBildo: Umm... don't call us, we'll call you, Gamm. Have a great one guys, and thanks again!


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016