OPENING STATEMENT: "Laid back, not so serious, no drama. All about the fun!"

RECRUITMENT: What’s in the works for the AOC Chapter?

We are doing things a little different with the Age of Conan chapter, We are going to have Chapter divisions on a FFA-PvP rule set server and a Normal (PvE) rule set server.

So what’s the difference?

Well first let us cover what is the same, both AOC divisions have expressed a desire to build a player City and move on to claiming fame and fortune in the border kingdoms as well as exploring all the options that AoC has to offer.

Our RP PvP server people are after a more extreme experience in the beautifully brutal Realm of Age of Conan. On the PvP server it will be imperative to be on your toes at all times and be available to back up a guildie when needed. In general our PvP clan will be large but tight fighting unit with bonds of friendship signed by the blood spilt in battle. Whether you’re new to PVP or an old VET this organized and deadly group is looking for people with a competitive nature.

If your sword is Sharp and your Reflexes keen you might want to join our OTG’ers on the RP-PvP rule set server.

Our Members on the Normal rule set server are after a friendlier laid back experience where PvP action is consensual. They will still be interested in CTF matches, ending a night with a good old fashion Drunken Brawl and of course have their eyes set on controlling a battle keep city in the border kingdoms. This tight nit group will be working towards common guild or group goals and helping each other with individual achievements.

Well that about sums up the RP-PvP vs. our Normal (PvE) rule set Divisions of the Chapter, please let your recruiting officer know what your preferred rule set will be or indicate it in your application.

ROLE-PLAYING: Completely voluntary

ALT POLICY: All Alt's are welcome after lvl 20.

INACTIVITY POLICY: 30 day in Game Purge with Reinstatement

COMMUNICATION: 300 Person Ventrio (Voice) Server Multi-Chapter Forum, MSN


WE DO NOT WANT: People under 25 and people that take games too serious


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016