What's a company to do when the fantasy market still has a behemoth looming over everything? Side step it of course! That's just what the team at Vogster Entertainment is doing with their upcoming title, CrimeCraft. They're betting the world is getting tired of your typical MMOG and are creating a new genre, the PWNS (Persistent World Next-gen Shooter), so grab a sidearm and get ready for all the headshot goodness!

Ten Ton Hammer's Cody "Micajah" Bye recently got a chance to have an extensive chat with CrimeCraft's Casey Dickinson about gangs, guns, and a whole lot more. Cody even gets the story of the PWNS origin out of Casey!

Ten Ton Hammer: Ok, cool. So how do players customize their characters? Obviously, you have a lot of clothing. Do players when they create their character, do they do a bunch of things with physical sliders? Do they cycle through a bunch of different models? How do players differentiate themselves?

Casey: It's definitely mostly about clothing. We have male and female character types, but we don't want to change the size of them because it changes the hit boxes and would mess up our shooter game side. We have to be really careful about it because or else people would be the smallest, skinniest guy they possibly could because they would be much harder to hit.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016