Destiny’s Crimson Day’s is an upcoming Valentine’s Day themed event which will run from February 9th to 16th. The event revolves around a new crucible doubles game mode with a unique mechanic themed around avenging your fallen comrade.

The Crimson Doubles requires that you queue up with a friend (or more than friend), there’s no matchmaking allowed. You will then be tossed into an elimination match against another couple, with the winner taking the best of 5 rounds. It’s all pretty standard until you get to the new buff that a player will only receive when their partner has fallen in combat.

The Broken Heart Buff sends you into a fit of rage over the death of your partner increasing maximum armour, agility, recovery, and weapon handling speed. The buff lasts until you’ve either exacted your revenge, or been returned to your partners side.

Of course the event will also have new loot including shaders, emblems, and all new 320 Ghost Shells (presumably crimson day themed). You can get your hands on some of the new items b completing the Special Crimson Day bounties.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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