The Dreadnought is a massive Hive Ship, home to the Taken King and some of the Hive’s most deadly creations and weapons. It’s also the first new playable area to be added to the game since its release almost 1 year ago, complete with its own patrol mode filled with missions.

While there is still much to be revealed about the new stop on your Destiny Map, we do know that its contents and function will serve out very much like the other planets already in the game. Without discounting what’s on offer from a Destiny planet, here are some of our thoughts on what could spice up the Dreadnought and make it stand out from its planetary counterparts.

Jumping Puzzles

Bungie has already hinted that the new area will contain hidden spots much like you would find on a raid, having them at the end of an extremely challenging jumping puzzle would make the prize all the more rewarding.

Jumping puzzles can be amazing fun and a good break from the monotony of never ending waves of enemies, not to mention they have already been a proven hit in raids like the Vault of Glass.

The Dreadnoughts composition lends itself to jumping puzzles as well. There are no restrictions to what kinds of crazy layouts, buildings and topography you can have on what looks to be a part Hive part machine ship.

New and Unique Enemies

In Destiny the majority of the time you are playing(in PvE at least) you are facing wave after wave of identical enemies, which is why we were somewhat nervous when we heard that the taken were essentially “abducted” members of the other races repurposed and given a Hive twist.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Creative Director at Bungie Luke Smith explained the new enemies in a little more detail.

“Oryx rips them out of this dimension, burns whatever makes them Cabal [or whatever race they are] and re-purposes them as his dark army all over our solar system," Smith continues. "Each member of the Taken race has a unique new ability.”

Hopefully the new enemies have a little more to them than one new ability. But we have faith that the new Hive Cabal hybrids will make a fearsome and challenging opponent.

Challenging, Rewarding Public Events

Public events have fallen by the wayside in Destiny, mainly because they don’t offer that great of rewards, but also because they are just time fillers, too easy to offer a real challenge but equipped with a timer that you have to stick around for in order for it to count.

A lot of that has to do with the fact that public events are taking place on planets that were designed for lvl 1 – 20 players, nothing any lvl 34 couldn’t handle even if they’re completely new to the game. With a new area comes the chance to up the difficulty of the public missions that happen there while also scaling the rewards to suit.

Popular public events that people actually want to complete will help keep the area alive, and guardians flocking there to reap the rewards which is good for Destiny’s community as a whole.

Another Loot Cave (or similar popular spot)

Some of funniest moments in Destiny for me came from random encounters in and around the famous loot cave, where players would flock to test out the infamous engram farming technique.

Of course Bungie shouldn’t intentionally include an exploit in the new area, but a similar “watering hole” draw like an area that occasionally spawns an epic loot chest or unique enemies that reward unique items would do well to keep players flocking to the Hive ship.

Anything to keep players out in the field instead of stagnating in the tower or reef.

Now that we’ve listed our wants for the Dreadnought let us know yours in the comments!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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