During their live stream focused on one of the New Strikes in the Taken King, Bungie took the time to point out some of the key features regarding the new sub- classes for each Guardian. The Titan's Sunbreaker, the Warlocks Stormcaller and the Hunter's Nightstalker will provide all new skill trees to the guardians complete with new perks, grenades and super abilties. 

The subclasses seem to fill the different guardian's weak spots quite nicely, with the Hunter gaining some utility, the Titan getting some solar damage, and the Warlock stepping out of the shadows and into the arc with lightning attacks that do heavy AoE damage.

Warlock Stormcaller

Think force lighting. The Warlock will be able to channel powerful arc lightning attacks that spread to other nearby enemies. They also recieve a new grenade, the Storm Grenade, which unleashes a tiny electrical storm in the area it detonates. Combining the two into one area could make for some impressive arc damage.

If the player chooses to use one of the modifers called Landfall, they'll be able to hover high in the air and rain lightning bolts down on enemies below (think Zeus). The Warlock's melee attack has also been swapped to arc damage, and offers the same extended range as voidwalker.

The Warlock continues it's AoE domination and now with Arc damage it will be ready for any PvE and PvP sceneario to be thrown at it.

Titan Sunbreaker

The Titan class will be embracing the sun with their new subclass the SunBreaker. Their super will summon a powerful Solar warhammer that can smash foes and rain down fire onto the battlefield. The wuper also comes with an interesting sunspot mechanic that provides an overshield when you stand near a sunspot. Sunspots are created where your hammer impacts from the Scortched Earth ability perk or from kills with the fulminator perk on.

Also added to the Titan's kit is the Thermite Grenade. When it detonates, the thermite grenade sends a line of fire toward your target. Whether the fire flows in the direction it was thrown or has some sort of target tracking has not been said.

This new Titan Subclass looks like it will be a major threat in the Crucbile, especially with the Sunspot perk that gives an offensively geared super a great defensive perk with the overshield bonus.

Hunter Nightstalker

The Hunter finally gets some ultility with the Night Stalker sublcass. It's super ability, the Shadowshot, tethers nearby enemies with void energy slowing them and preventing them from attacking for a short period of time. The super will be a great help in PvE where you will be able to subdue large groups of enemies and then smash them to dust with powerful AoE attacks like the Warlock's Lightning and the Titan's Fist of Havoc.

The Nightstalkers ultility coninues into it's new grenade, the Voidwall. When it detonates, the Voidwall creates a large barrier of Void energy that will damage any enemies that try to pass through it. Again, it's great for crowd control in Raids and the Crucible by keeping the enemies penned up and vulnerable to AoE attacks enmasse.

An Evade ability and smoke screen were also added to the kit, which give the Hunter some good options of escape if they can't get the job done.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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