For a long time now Destiny fans have known about the House of Wolves DLC slated to become available sometime early 2015, and thanks to a leak we may now know a little more about what it holds. The leak comes from Reddit user megamanexe64, who you may remember as the one responsible for the previous House of Wolves gear and weapons leaks. While Bungie has confirmed none of the leaks so far (so take everything with a grain of salt), if you want to make sure you remain spoiler free for the expansion, read no further.

New Social Space

The latest leak brings word of a new social space located in the currently unused Reef asteroid belt. During the main storyline your guardian visits the location briefly to meet with the Queen but has little to no use for the place afterward.

If it is a new social space it could be a refreshing change up of locales to grab the latest quests or hang out with your Guardian buddies.

Crucible Modes

Two new crucible modes had been rumored to come with the House of Wolves expansion and it looks like the rumors may be right. Infernal Rumble and Infernal Skirmish are the two modes pictured in the leaked screen grabs.

Both look to be “hardcore” versions of their already in game counterparts with both modes removing radar, level advantages, and placing more importance on kills.

New Strike “Belly of the Beast”

This strike looks to take place on the moon and mas a recommended level requirement of 28. While we have mostly been dealing with the Hive on the moon, the description text for this strike puts the focus on the Moon’s Fallen residents.

We can only assume that the Fallen your after here are the same ones that betrayed the queen from the new storyline.

New Storyline and Raid

Not much is known about the new storyline and raid other than they will revolve around the Awoken and their queen of the Reef. By the looks of it, the Queen has been betrayed by some of her Fallen compatriots and it’s up to you to hunt them down for her, repaying your debt in the process.

New Gear

No surprises here, the expansion will bring with it lots of shiny new gear for Guardians to collect. Bungie has actually commented on the House of Wolves gear situation saying that they hope to improve the process of distribution from what was a somewhat frustrating experience in the Dark Below.

A release date for the expansion has not yet been set, but it is rumored to be somewhere between April and June.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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