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Dark Elf Sorceress

Official information from EA Mythic

A Sorcereress must walk the dark paths of the Realm of Chaos, the deep pits of the oceans and the bowls of the fiery mountains in her quest for knowledge. The channeling of the raw Winds of Chaos is what gives the Sorceress her power. The Creatures of the Chaos Hells will bow to her will in the end. Such Power is vast but dangerous and the aspirant to the Dark Convent of Sorceresses must be courageous and strong .

- From the sixth book of secrets by Kaladhtoir of Clar Karond


In times of war the Witch King calls upon his Convents of Sorceresses to rain death and destruction down upon the target of his ire. Their magical prowess will blight the warriors of the opposing army, scorch their souls from their bodies and bring ruination and curses aplenty upon their heads.

Sorceress Specialty

Like their High Elf kin, the Dark Elves are innately magical creatures. However, Dark Elf magic users do not commune with the magical energies of the Winds of Chaos and attempt to use them in harmony; instead they use sheer force of will to bend the Winds to their dark intentions. This form of magic is known as Dhar, or Dark Magic. Dark Magic spells are incredibly destructive and capable of shattering almost any defense. However, this power does not come without a price. If the Sorceress’s will falters even a little, the unstable power of Dark Magic will turn back upon the caster with a powerful backlash.

Playing as a Sorceress

The Sorceress is a powerful offensive caster, knowledgeable in the arcane arts that cause pain and suffering. A Sorceress can call upon the Dark Arts to curse her opponents causing lingering anguish. She is also proficient in manipulating the Winds of Magic to create powerful destructive spells. However, her most powerful asset is her Dark Magic. By sheer will alone, the Sorceress can gather the magical energy around her to increase the destructive power of her spells. The more Dark Magic gathered by these workings, the greater the destruction a Sorceress can cause. However, the greater the Dark Magic gathered, the harder it is to control. A Sorceress must always carefully juggle the destructive power of her spells with the will it takes to control such powerful energies. Failing to do so will result in a backlash of magic that can severely injure the caster.

Fighting the Sorceress

With almost no physical protections, the Sorceress is vulnerable to both melee and missile assaults. However, one must time the assault perfectly in order to guarantee success. Opponents must learn the tell tale signs of a Sorceress who has built too much Dark Magic and strike only after that magic has turned on her. At this point, the Sorceress is weakest to both physical and magical assaults. Striking at a Sorceress fully in control of the Dhar around her will result in a rapid and painful demise.

Sorceress Career Masteries

The Sorceresses of the Druchii are the true power of the Dark Elf armies. Blades may be turned aside and shields may be crushed, but what soldier can stop a flow of living shadow and darkness? Tearing the Winds of Magic asunder, the Sorceresses bring forth devastation on an unimaginable scale, raining destruction down upon their helpless foes.

The weak High Elves teach that the Winds of Magic must be used in balance, through precise and careful crafting, but the Dark Elf Sorceresses scoff at their foolish cowardice. Every Dark Elf knows that when you want something, you simply take it - all of it. A Sorceress uses her Dark Magic to pull power indiscriminately from all the Winds of Magic, driving her magical potency to levels that her weak High Elf cousins could scarcely dream of. The Winds themselves fight back against such overwhelming use of power, however, and reckless Sorceresses will find themselves facing a Backlash against their unnatural use of power, but such is the price of victory - and surely, any Dark Elves clumsy enough to be destroyed by their own Backlashes would clearly be too foolish to live long in Druchii society regardless, yes?

Path of Agony
The Path of Agony is mainly concerned with slaughtering individual enemies in the messiest and most direct ways possible. This path contains a somewhat equal mix of volatile Dark Magic spells and more stable magic.

Path of Calamity
The Path of Calamity is favored by the more subtle and insidious covens of Sorceresses, and is primarily focused on longer-duration effects. A Master of Calamity prefers to hinder and wound their enemies over time, until the effects have built up enough that their foes are already dead, and just don't realize it yet. This path has fewer Dark Magic abilities, and relies more on a steady pace of destructive stable magic.

Path of Destruction
The Path of Destruction is for the Sorceress who believes that killing one enemy is nothing but a waste of time that could be much better spent killing ALL of their enemies. Spreading vast, sweeping swaths of darkness and death across the battlefield, the Masters of Destruction gamble the most heavily on numerous Dark Magic spells.

Sorceress' Look

  • Ornate robes of finely cut silks, embroidered in dark script
  • Wickedly pointed headdresses and circlets encrusted in gems
  • Wields twisted staves of metal and wood that pulse with dark energies


The Ten Ton thought:

Well we all knew that the Sorceresses was coming. They're too cool and too powerful to leave out, but who'd have guessed that they'd allow males into the mix? Stepping away from the IP a bit, EA Mythic has opted to let Sorcerers into the Convents and it's a good idea. Two out of four race classes being gender restricted is kinda rough. Like all the Dark Elf classes so far, the Sorceress concept art looks tight! With armor that digs into the flesh and a great "Dark Mage" look about them, they've got the asthetics down. "But Brokain" you ask, "sure they look good, but will they play well?". The answer to that is "awwwwww yeaaaaaaah". From the description it sounds like some kind of power build up you can use to augment spell damage to almost nuclear levels. The more you build up though, the more chance of it exploding on you. So sure, you can unleash huge amount of cosmic butt-kicking, but at what price? A near death experience from the sound of things. However, you know how the old saying goes. "You can't make an omlette out of several tanks without doing massive damage and breaking a Sorceress or two."... or something like that.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016