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Ultraxion – Dragon Soul Raid Boss #5

The fifth boss of the Dragon Soul Raid is Ultraxion, a very powerful dragon that uses nether energy to attack. This fight returns the players to Wyrmrest Temple, where Ultraxion will pull you into the twilight realm. In addition, this fight occurs with you on the ground and Ultraxion in the air.

Ultraxion Abilities - Dragon Soul Raid Boss #5 Abilities

Ultraxion Dragon Soul Raid Boss #5Ultraxion is one mean dragon so watch out.

Unstable Monstrosity – This deals shadow damage split between everyone in the twilight realm every 5 seconds, and prevents Ultraxion from dodging or parrying attacks. The damage caused is 300,000 is 10 player and 700,000 in 25 player. The cast time between this attack is reduced by 1 second for every full minute spent in the fight.

Twilight Shift – This ability pulls all players into the Twilight realm. In addition when pulled into the realm you are granted the Twilight Will ability that will appear as a button above your ability bars.

Twilight Will – This ability allows players to exit the twilight realm for up to 5 seconds, while out of the twilight realm you may not move, cast or attack.

Faded Light – This is a debuff placed on random targets, 1 player in 10 player raids and 3 players in 25 player raids. The debuff lasts between 5 and 10 seconds and when it expires will instantly kill a player if they are in the Twilight Realm. If a player is in the regular realm when it expires they will be drawn back into the Twilight Realm and receive the Faded into Twilight debuff.

Faded into Twilight – Players affected by this have their threat cleared and generate no threat for 10 seconds.
Hour of Twilight – This attack hits all players in the Twilight realm for 300,000 shadow damage that is not resistable. Once cast anyone in the normal realm is pulled back inot the twilight realm. At least 1 player in 10 man raids, and 3 in 25 player raids, must take the hit or Ultraxions attack hits the NPC’s in the encounter and kills them ending the fight.

Twilight Burst – If no one is in range of Ultraxion’s melee attacks he hits all players with this attack which deals 75,000 shadow damage and increases magic damage by 50% for 6 seconds. The damage debuff can stack and he will do this burst every second until someone is in range.

Ultraxion NPC’s - Dragon Soul Raid Boss #5 NPC’s and Buffs

In the Ultraxion fight there are five NPC’s at the top of the tower that help you through the fight with various buffs.

Thrall – Reduces the cool down timer for all tanks major defensive abilities and increases their duration by 100%.

Alextrasza – Grants a healer 100% increased healing.

Ysera – Grants a healer the ability to duplicate all heals done and distributes the healing to all targets within 50 yards.

Kalecgos – Grants a healer 100% spell haste and 75% reduced spell cost.

Noxdormu – Binds all players in a timeloop. If killed while in it you are instead healed to full health and removed from the timeloop.

Ultraxion Strategy - Dragon Soul Raid Boss #5 Strategy

Ultraxion has a lot of health and a 6 minute hard enrage timer. Due to the shifting in and out of combat that players must do to avoid instant death, this is a serious DPS check for most groups and as a result will be a difficult fight to beat.

The fight in theory is simple, in execution exacting, and punishing if anyone has a laggy internet connection.
Essentially, players enter the fight and have at least 2 tanks hold Ultraxion’s attention. Players then DPS like mad until an ability is used. Meanwhile everyone is grouped up and healers are AOE healing like crazy to keep ahead of the damage caused by Unstably Monstrosity which gets more intense the longer the fight goes on.

When Faded light is cast, the player affected must use Heroic Will before it expires to escape back to the normal realm and avoid instant death. If the player affected is the main tank, the off-tank must taunt before the main tank leaves. When Hour of Twilight is cast all players other than at least 1 tank must use their Heroic Will to escape to the normal realm and avoid instant death. The tank that remains behind must use a tanking cooldown to avoid dying and to ensure someone remains in melee to the fight does not end.

The abilities that really help you get through this fight are the healing buffs provided by three of the NPC’s and the increased usability of tanking cooldowns due to Thralls buff to tanks. The healing buffs are available to healers, but there are only 3 and they are each single use and any healer can only have one of them. Healers should decide which buff goes to which healer. The ideal seems to bee Kalecgos’s buff to a Druid or Shaman, Ysera’s buff to a Paladin or Holy Priest, and Alextrasza’s to any healer.

Again, simple in theory, but as damage starts ramping up, and the 6 minute mark is looming, it gets tough.

Warmaster Blackhorn – Dragon Soul Raid Boss #6

The sixth boss of the Dragon Soul Raid is Warmaster Blackhorn and takes place on a powerful skyship as you try to chase down Deathwing. Blackhorn and his minions try to stop you, first by trying to destroy the air ship, and later in close combat.

Add Abilities – Dragon Soul Raid Boss #6 Add Abilities

Goriona (Blackhorn’s Drake) – Drops huge energy blasts on the deck of the ship. These blasts deal 800,000 shadow damage (2,000,000 in 25 player raids) to the ship if not blocked by players. If players are in the blast area when the hit lands, the damage is instead split between the players in range and the ship evenly.

Twilight Assault Drake – Drops smaller energy blasts that function similarity to Goriona’s. These only cause 200,000 damage though.

Twilight Sappers – These adds rush towards the captains cabin trying to detonate their explosives. If they reach the cabin they deal significant damage to anyone nearby and cause 20% damage to the ship as they explode.

Twilight Dreadblade – This add charges around the deck dealing damage to anyone in his path as he moves between random targets. They also have frontal cone attack that deals shadow damage and applies a stacking shadow DOT.

Twilight Slayer – This add charges around in the same way as the dreadblade. His main attack however deals physical damage and applies a stacking physical damage DOT.

Warmaster Blackhorn Abilities - Dragon Soul Raid Boss #6 Abilities

Devastate – A stacking debuff that reduces the tanks armor by 20% for 30 seconds.

Disruption Roar – Causes damage to all players within 10 yards and silences them for 8 seconds.

Shockwave – Hits everyone in his front arc for huge damage and stuns them for 4 seconds.

Vengeance – A stacking buff that increases the damage Warmaster Blackhorn causes by 1% for every 1% health he loses.

Warmaster Blackhorn Strategy - Dragon Soul Raid Boss #6 Strategy

Warmaster Blackhorn Dragon Soul Raid Boss #6The Blackhorn fight is a fun encounter on everyone's favourite skyship

This is a two phase fight where in the first phase, players need to prioritize the adds and down them as quickly as possible, while at the same time helping to mitigate damage to the ship.

Add priority needs to be the Sappers first, the drakes (when they are pulled near by the harpoon gunners), and then either melee add. The sappers are such high priority since they can inflict 20% damage to the ship, and will do so instantly if they reach the captains area, therefore they need to be slowed and killed quickly. After them comes the drakes to help reduce incoming ship damage and lastly the melee adds to reduce healer stress on the tanks and have time for the DOTs to clear before more appear.

During the first phase while dealing with the adds, players need to watch for the two different kind of blasts coming into the ship. The small blasts from the drakes can be survived if at least 2 players are in them, but it is even better if more get in range of the explosion as it further reduces ship damage and doesn’t drop the players health as low. The larger blasts dropped by Goriona need almost all players in the explosion to make it survivable (8/10 and 20/25 respectively).

Once you have dealt with three waves of adds landing on the ship you will move to phase two, which is essentially a tank and spank. Both the boss and his drake land and must be tanked facing away from the group. Goriona spews fire around and should be DPS’ed first until she flies away, once she does everyone focuses on Warmaster Blankhorn.

Simply make sure he is not facing the group, that tanks trade threat once they have two stacks of Devastate on them, and that casters are at least 10 yards away to avoid silences. Do those three things once you get to the Warmaster and his loot is yours.

Spine of Deathwing – Dragon Soul Raid Boss #7

The seventh boss of the Dragon Soul Raid is Deathwing himself. This is the first of two separate encounters with Deathwing. It occurs immediately after the gunship battle as you drop onto Deathwing’s back. You are on his back to attempt to pry off the armor plates on his back so that Thrall has a chance at a clean strike at Seathwing with the Dragon Soul.

Spine of Deathwing – Dragon Soul Raid Boss #7 Abilities

Deathwing Dragon Soul Raid Boss #7, Cataclysm Final BossYou finally get to face off against the mighty Deathwing.

Corruption Tendrils – These are the tendrils that first appear out of the holes in Deathwings back. They have two special attacks, the first is grabbing a random player and squeezing them, the only way to make them let go is to DPS the tendril. The second attack is to debuff the player with Searing Plasma which absorbs 300,000 heals to remove it, while dealing damage to the player affected.

Corrupted Blood – These are globules of Deathwings Blood that need to be destroyed. When killed they leave behind a residue that makes it’s way back to one of the holes on Deathwings back to respawn as a new corrupted blood.

Grasping Tendrils – These tendrils deal light damage to anyone nearby and hold them in place preventing you from being thrown off of Deathwing when he does a barrel roll.

Barrel Roll – When Deathwing does a barrel roll any player or creature not attached to his back is thrown off.

Hideous Amalgamation – This is the key add during this fight. It can absorb the residue left behind by corrupted blood and gains a 10% stacking buff. When it gets to 10 buffs it becomes superheated and gains a very strong AOE fire aura. When destroyed with at least 10 buffs on it, it will cause an explosion big enough to pry up one of Deathwings armor plates as long as it is within range.

Burning Tendons – These adds only appear after you force a hideous Amalgamation to explode near an armor plate and pry it up. The tendons will attempt to pull it back down and need to be destroyed quickly.

Spine of Deathwing – Dragon Soul Raid Boss #7 Strategy

The Strategy for this fight relies on a lot of coordination and perfect attention by all players. When the fight starts, there will be 4 Corruption Tendrils, two on each side of Deathwings back. Three of these must be destroyed so that you get Grasping Tendrils and Corrupted Blood to spawn.

A tank must hold agro on the Hideous Amalgamation while another tanks the tendrils and blood. Whenever a blood dies, the Amalgamation tank needs to drag it over the blood residue to gain a stack of the blood. DPS should focus on killing blood adds and getting the amalgamation down to low health, all while switching quickly to free any player grabbed by the remaining Corruption Tendril.

Ideally you want the Amalgamation to have below 15% health when it gets the 10th stack of blood. This allows the tank just enough time to move it into position before calling for the kill. Depending on your raids coordination and listening skills this may need to be higher or may be able to be very low. You just don’t want it to die before in position next to the armor plate.

Once an armor plate is pried up, DPS must switch to the tendons very quickly to kill them before they get a chance to pull the plate back down.

While all this is going on, players need to watch for Deathwing performing barrel rolls. Any time he does you must get to a grasping Tendril so that you are stuck in place until he completes his roll.

The fight repeats in sequence until you have pried up and destroyed all 4 armor plates on Deathwings back.

Madness of Deathwing – Dragon Soul Raid Boss #7 – Encounter 2

The eight encounter in the Dragon Soul raid is a second encounter with the seventh boss, Deathwing. This is the second of two separate encounters with Deathwing and takes place once you have pried up his armor plates in the Spine of Deathwing encounter. This is a two phase encounter with the Dragon Aspects helping in both phases.

Madness of Deathwing – Dragon Soul Raid Boss #7 Abilities – Encounter 2

Cataclysm – This is a long cast time ability that must be interrupted through damage, or when it finishes being cast it will wipe the raid.

Mutated Corruption Tentacle – This tentacle will be at the back of each platform, and it has two abilities to worry about. Crush hits everyone in front of it for a significant amount of damage, so only the tanks can be in front. It also has Impale which does 400,000 damage split between all targets within 6 yards.

Limb – Each platform has a limb holding onto it. These limbs must be destroyed to beat each platform. The limb deals damage to all players nearby as it gushes blood on players. It also spawns blistering tentacles when the limb gets to 75%, 50%, and 25% health, that need to be burned down. When each limb is destroyed Deathwing looses 20% of his health.

Elementium Bolt – Deathwing launches elementium bolts at the platforms, a spot will be marked and anyone near by will be killed when the bolt lands. Damage is reduced the farther you are away from the landing point.

Elementium Fragment – This is a type of add that spawns in phase two. Its main attack is firing shrapnel at random players that foes huge damage.

Elementium Terror – This is a second type of add that spawns in phase two, and hits for big physical damage and applies a stacking DOT with each hit.

Madness of Deathwing NPC’s - Dragon Soul Raid Boss #7 NPC’s and Buffs - Encounter 2

In the Madness of Deathwing fight there are five NPC’s that help you through the fight with various buffs. In phase one each npc is active until the limb at thier island is defeated, they all reactivate for phase 2.

Thrall – Thrall creates the winds that allow players to move between the islands.

Alextrasza – Increases all players health by 30% and can kill Blistering Tentacles over 10 seconds.

Ysera – Increases all healing done by 30%, and allows players to enter the emerald dream reducing damage by 50% for 2.5 seconds.

Kalecgos – Increases all players damage dealt by 30% and grants spellweaving which is essentially a cleave to all attacks that hits another target for arcane damage if within 6 yards.

Noxdormu – Increases all players haste by 50%, and can slow the elementium bolt so that players have more time to react.

Madness of Deathwing – Dragon Soul Raid Boss #7 Strategy – Encounter 2

This fight is made up of two phases. In the first phase players much move between 4 different islands around the edge of the Maelstrom and defeat each of Deathwings four limbs as he holds onto them crawling out of the Maelstrom.

On each platform you must defeat the Mutated Corruption Tentacle that will spawn from the backside of the island before defeating Deathwings limb. The tentacle is tricky to defeat as its attacks conflict greatly. To avoid wipes from AOE damage players need to not be in front of it when it crushes, yet they have to group up on the tank when if does impale or the tank will die. Manage these moves well, and it shouldn’t be an issue.

Once the Corrupted Tentacle has been defeated it is time to beat down Deathwings limb. The limb must be burned down in a controlled fashion so that players can move in and out of range to avoid some of the AOE damage caused by the blood and blistering tentacles.

Once all four limbs have been defeated the fight enters phase two. In phase two you must control the adds and beat down Deathwings last 20% health. This has been considered a burn burn phase on the PTR, but may also have been under tuned on normal. We will have to wait for the real raid to be released to see if there is much more to it.

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