In the first two dev diaries, we learned about Ether Saga Online's transformation system and 12,000 quests, and our latest dev diary explores ESO's unique handling of events and instances. See how daily, weekly, and monthly events plus PvE and PvP instances will shape your ESO experience in Ether Saga Online Dev Diary #3!

ESO – Events and Instances

One of Ether Saga Online’s strongest points is the vast amount of content in the game to explore. The game world is large with a lot of variety, and there are 12,000 quests in the game to keep players occupied. But what if you want to take a break from the storyline/questing, or looking for a really tough challenge in the game? Well, ESO has you covered with regular server events and instances. Both yield fantastic experience and loot, and are good places for meeting new players.

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The server events come in many flavors: daily, weekly and seasonal. As you may suspect, daily events occur every day. In fact, they occur five times per day at set intervals (9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 6 pm and 9 pm server time) and last one hour. There are several different daily events that are randomly chosen for each time slot, so you never quite know what you’ll get. The daily quests’ objectives range from delivering supplies to Pokari’s guards to preparing for a feast. They are diversions meant to bring players together and teach new players the surrounding areas of the main city, Pokari.

Weekly events are held at 7 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (server time). These are commonly known as monster invasions. Players will be tasked with clearing waves of monsters invading Pokari. Some of the quests span the entire event, so you’ll have to stay for each wave. Like the daily events, the invasions last one hour. With everyone congregated in Pokari, you really begin to see the diversity in the game as everyone has different armors, fashion items and pets. The combinations are endless!

Lastly, there are seasonal events. These run at certain times of the year. Will Santa come to visit this year? Only a few more months to go til Christmas!


Events are fun diversions that never pose much of a challenge to characters. Players looking for a tough challenge can join adventures, or instances, in the game.  These adventures will be true tests of a player’s ability and gear, but the rewards are well worth the effort. Some of the best gear and crafting materials are found only in adventures. To join an adventure, players must talk to Chauncy in Pokari.

Players will first encounter an adventure early in their career. The Trials: Dreams adventure is one of the first quests you will get, and is meant to introduce players to the various mechanics in ESO such as upgrading weapons, capturing pets and transformations.

The other adventures are called Justice Calls, which task players with defeating one or more bosses in the dungeon. The dungeons are also filled with elite versions of monsters that deal and can take more damage than their normal counterparts. Players hoping to explore adventures need to come prepared with potions and upgraded equipment. Bosses can easily kill players in a couple hits and wipe out parties. A well-rounded party with a tanks, healers and damage dealers are necessary to bring down the bosses and win the loot.

There are several other types of instances that will be released in the future in Ether Saga Online. PVP instances are 6v6 battles between two player teams. Winning teams will receive rewards that can be traded for gear. There is also a large battleground for even larger teams of players. While we can’t release details on it yet, it will be massive in scale and scope.

Both events and instances in Ether Saga Online are ways to spice up gameplay with a change of pace, and a reward of a lot of experience. Hope to see you in-game soon!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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