So far Global Agenda’s Recon and Assault classes have defied our expectations, but is the Medic class more than a healbot or ball-and-chain for the shock troops? As it turns out, the highly versatile Medic has a tools of both regeneration and destruction at hand and can be a formidable opponent, even solo.

From the interview:

"In terms of other guns, Medics have a standard rifle, they have an agony gun (which poisons and debuffs players), and they have a pretty cool device called a pain gun. The pain gun is the opposite of the healing channel gun – instead of giving green healing goodness, it paints the target with a red beam, which inflicts a slight slow, debuffs the target, and basically puts a bullseye on the target for your allies."

Join Todd Harris and Ten Ton Hammer for a candid review of the Medic’s capabilities in our exclusive Global Agenda Medic class Q&A.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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