Over the last few weeks, gamers have been plowing through href="http://warhammer.tentonhammer.com/" target="_blank">Warhammer
live events, eager to unlock the Choppa and the Slayer. With a whole
slew of events still planned in the “Call to Arms”
live expansion, Ten
Ton Hammer sent our resident WAR fantatic, Garrett Fuller, to talk with
Executive Producer Jeff Hickman. These two mythic (harhar!)
personalities discuss the introduction of the Choppa and Slayer and
what players can expect next out of the Mythic Entertainment team!

Ton Hammer: With RvR being such a great part of Warhammer Online, have
you seen a drop off in players willing to take part in PvE?

Jeff Hickman: I can answer that easily. We pull metrics every
single day, they come across my desk every morning at 9 am. They show
where players are PvEing, where players are PvPing, what are they
doing, what is the mix, what are the rewards and all that stuff. We
definitely see a trend, but not in the way you asked the question.
not PvP players who are looking at the PvE game and going I
don’t have
to do that anymore and go and PvP instead, it is actually a more
continuous choice.

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    Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016