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Today ArenaNet reveal their latest teaser trailer for the forthcoming Episode 8, Point of No Return. If that wasn’t exciting enough, we’re also giving away 20 limited edition Rytlock Brimstone “There Is No Turning Back” T-Shirts.

To discuss the trailer first, if you’ve been following Guild Wars 2’s Point Of No Return campaign over the last two months, you’ll know that ArenaNet have been building up to something big on the horizon. As to what that is, we don’t yet know but there’s a lot of potential for an expansion pack to finally rear its head and you never know, the Living World could take players on to a new continent as part of the story. Most importantly of all, we all want to know what has happened to Rytlock Brimstone after he dived down into The Mists.  You can view the trailer below.

As for the T-Shirt competition, these collectors items have been designed by ArenaNet for the fans of the game and as a nod to the intrigue surrounding the “Point of No Return” campaign. 

To win one, all you need to do is answer the following question (there's no right or wrong answer!):

What do you think has become of Rytlock Brimstone after he dived down into The Mists?

The Rules

  • All entries must be made via Disqus comments below.
  • All countries in Europe the United States and Canada are eligible to enter.
  • All readers are free to make as many comments/entries as they wish.
  • All readers should ensure they can be contacted via Disqus should so that we can quickly dispatch the T-Shirts.
  • All winners will be asked their T-Shirt size so that we may try our very best to send you the correct size. We cannot however gaurentee your size - we'll do our best!
  • Winners will be picked based on Ten Ton Hammer's favourites, whether it's funny, serious or a potentially accurate prediction!
  • The closing date for all entries is January 9, 2015. Winners will be notified via a reply to their original comment/entry as well as on a separate news announcement post.

Good luck!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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