After the success of our last competition (congratulations again to all our winners!) we've decided to do one last treasure hunt. This time, it's all the Heart of Thorns maps. We think this will be far more difficult than core Tyria simply because the maps on offer in Heart of Thorns haven't yet be combed multiple times by players over many years. Are you up for the challenge? 

The Competition

1. Over the next 30 days, I'll post one picture of my Guild Wars 2 character in a set location. 

2. You will need to visit that location (if you can find it!) and take a screenshot of your character there. 

3. You'll need to do this for each day, over 30 days. 

4. On the final day, you'll need to gather up all 30 locations (if you've found them all!) and email me your entry and album to lewis[at]

5. If you're unable to find all 30 locations, you may still submit your album but you'll be up against people who may have discovered more than you!

The Rules

1. You're free to discuss where you think locations are, but you might want to keep some secret - it'll improve your odds of winning!

2. We'll keep all locations in the Heart of Thorns maps.

3. This won't be easy.

4. When submitting your final entry, please use an album creator such as Imgur to send me a single link of all the locations you captured.

5. Should more than one player successfully locate all 30 locations, we'll have a tie break location. Should more than one person find the tie break location, a winner will be selected at random.

6. Should no one find all 30 locations, whomever finds the most will be deemed the winner. Should there be a tie at that figure, we'll refer to (5) above.

7. The winner will receive 1,000 gold. 10 runners up will receive gem cards to the value of 800 gems. 

8. We will promote the locations on our main page, Twitter and Facebook so you can keep track every day. All locations will also be updated here. 

9. Closing date for all entries is 3rd November (so you've a little over 30 days!).

10. ALL none core Tyria locations will be open to inclusion. This includes zones such as Bloodstone Fen, Silverwastes - anything none core Tyria!

11. Have any more questions? Ask in the comments below!

Location 1

Location 2

Location 3

Location 4

Location 5

Location 6

Location 7

Location 8

Location 9

Location 10

Location 11

Location 12

Location 13

Location 14

Location 15

Location 16

Location 17

Location 18

Location 19

Location 20

Location 21

Location 22

Location 23

Location 24

Location 25

Location 26

Location 27

Location 28

Location 29

Location 30

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Last Updated: Sep 26, 2016

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