ArenaNet has announced in a recent blog that details for final part of the three-part storyline for the original Guild Wars, Winds of Change, will be revealed today. The Winds of Change trilogy helps bridge the gap between the story of Guild Wars and the upcoming MMORPG sequel, Guild Wars 2.

Winds of Change thrusts players into pivotal historical events and tells the story of the Ministry of Purity’s rise to power and its implications for Cantha. The second part of the trilogy launched back in September, but today, fans will find out more about the third and final update.

A new ArenaNet blog outlines some of the content and story for the final installment of the Guild Wars: Winds of Change saga. The free update will include 9 new quests, new rewards and a number of hidden scenes for players to discover and help further advance the story. To help give players a little background for the update, the blog offers a recap of the story relating to the perspective assassin known as Miku, one of the pivotal characters in the tale.

The new details about the update will be posted to the Guild Wars: Winds of Change page later today. In the meantime, check out the new ArenaNet blog for a recap.

Source: Miku’s Tale-Winds of Change Part Three

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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