target="_blank"> style="font-style: italic;">Global Agenda
was dressed to impress and certainly turned quite a few heads at this
year’s PAX. Eager gamers got the chance to jump into the
game for some intense 8v8 matches which included 3 different
objective-based  match types developer Hi-Rez had set up at
each of the event's demo stations. I had the opportunity to dive in and
experience the
escort missions playing as the Recon class, which specializes in some
of the game's more stealthy aspects. In this particular map type the
objective is for one side to help protect
and push a specified object along a set path to various points across
map. In the meantime, the opposing team is not only going to do
everything in their power to stop your progression, but will also
employ some other interesting tactics to make things difficult.

For example, in the respawn area, team members on either side are able
to pick up a beacon for their team which can then be used
somewhat as a teleportation landing pad when placed out on the
battlefield. This can not only to help your fallen teammates
hop into battle much more quickly after being defeated, but also has a
direct impact on the pace of the battle itself. The trick here seems to
be placing
the beacon as close to the current conflict nexus as possible but
without making its presence too obvious since it can essentially be
destroyed and sent back to the initial spawn point. Finding and
destroying these objects is just one of many ways of hampering the
progress of the opposing team that I got to see employed in my short
time with the game, but is also a great example of how certain lesser
objectives still have a direct impact on the flow of battle.


While my time with Global Agenda was somewhat brief, I walked away
impressed with how polished the gameplay felt even at this stage in
development. The controls felt extremely intuitive, and
although combat can certainly be
slightly chaotic when first hopping in,
it didn’t take
all that long to get a feel for the role of your class in a given
scenario or even for some of the game’s more tactical
elements to become much more apparent. Currently GA is ramping up for
the next phase of closed beta testing, but in the meantime
we’ve updated our galleries with some fresh images for your
viewing enjoyment.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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