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Most games tend to have a dedicated community behind them, but Destiny’s is arguably more passionate and knowledgeable than most. It’s a game that has well and truly captivated its audience and, in the process, has proven to be incredibly successful with fans all around the globe.

As mentioned, other games also have loyal followers who moan about every update or praise every new feature, whether it’s the sports gaming community with FIFA 19, the casino gamers who play various online versions of games like roulette at casino.com/roulette/, or the Pokemon Go community who despise the spoofers who are supposedly killing the gaming experience for all the other players out there. Essentially, we all like to converse with likeminded gamers and stay in touch with our community. We’re a loyal bunch when you think about it, aren’t we?

When it comes to Destiny, there have been debates around the best and most influential characters in the game over the years. Ultimately, it’s a matter of opinion, but we’re going to do  our best to cover four of them below. So, without further ado, here’s a brief look at some of the best characters which have helped make Destiny the game we all know and love today.


From a gameplay and story perspective, Skolas is one of the more notable villains from Destiny. Easily one the best boss battles on the game, Skolas was hard to beat, especially when it came to the final battle in the Prison of Elders. Skolas’ desire to unite all of the Fallen Houses under one banner helped create a rather unique, yet refreshing story. He certainly wasn’t like all the other villains, that’s for sure.

Amanda Holliday

Featured in both Destiny and Destiny 2, Amanda Holliday is mainly known for her entertaining interactions, selling players speeder bikes and ships, becoming a prominent figure in The Tower in Destiny, and being the main organiser and commentator during her Sparrow Racing League event. Amanda only really had two missions focused around her on the original Destiny, but her scenes with Cayde-6 prior to the Dreadnought infiltration still standout as some of the most iconic moments in Destiny overall. On top of all of this, Amanda was one hell of a tough cookie, always willing to bend the rules if needs be. Amanda Holliday, we salute you.

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You’ll struggle to find a Destiny gamer who actually liked Rahool, but there’s no doubting the huge influence he had on the game. Known for being incredibly tight and having the ability to not offer players the gear they desire from exotic or legendary engrams, Rahool the Cryptarch is a staple to not only the HUB world itself but the general experience and make-up within Destiny. As touched on, Rahool was a frustrating figure mainly, but his ability to not give players that one piece of loot they so desperately craved means he’s a character we simply couldn’t ignore.


When it comes to a story based around a character and then the subsequent battles that centred around the said character, Oryx is arguably the best of the lot. The father to Crota, Oryx came to our galaxy in search of revenge against those who killed his son. A villain with a clear motive, Oryx eventually became a real annoyance as he haunted players with his Taken army. His power really comes to the fore when you finally face Oryx in the King’s Fall boss fight. What a moment!

Special mentions to Cayde-6, Mara Sov, Lord Shaxx and Variks, The Loyal too.

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Last Updated: Jan 27, 2020