At the heart of Marvel Heroes are the heroes themselves. You can almost look at them as the Marvel Heroes analog to more traditional MMO classes in that each playable hero has unique itemization, skill sets, and gamplay styles. Throughout the past year Gazillion has expanded the list of playable heroes by a sizable amount, and as noted in our recent interview with Gazillion CEO David Brevik, this trend will absolutely continue moving foward with Marvel Heroes 2015.

The team also has plenty of other major plans for the next year. To give you an idea of what you can expect, here is a brief overview of what you can expect to see during the month-long anniversary celebration kicking off today in Marvel Heroes:

  • Surtur Raid: The aforementioned ruler of fire demons headlines an epic end-game event for 10 players.  
  • Omega System: Advance, alternately. The Omega System allows for even further character customization and progression up to and beyond level 60. 
  • Daily Shared Quests: A new way to undertake missions and adventures reserved for earth's mightiest. 
  • Achievements: Accomplish the impossible and be recognized – some are even catered to individual heroes.  
  • Login Rewards: Showing our appreciation for committed players by thanking them with many awesome things. 
  • Silver Surfer: The Herald nears. Will Norrin Radd's arrival presage doom, bring salvation, or just deliver a cool new hero to play? (Hint: It's the last one.) 
  • 365: Days of. Gifts for. Oh yes, we have plans. 
  • End of Anniversary: End of Anniversary: A celebratory surprise event to close out the month.

On that note, we've partnered with the folks at Gazillion for a Random Hero Unlock giveaway. As the name suggests, codes claimed through the giveaway will unlock a random playable hero on your account. 

To claim a random hero unlock code of your very own (and full redemption instructions once a code has been claimed) be sure to hit the shiny link below to visit the official giveaway page.

Marvel Heroes Random Hero Unlock Giveaway

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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