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The Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures official forums has just gotten a new feature. The new feature is a calendar for players to announce upcoming community events on. This will allow for more social events to be known to the community well in advance. So mark down that date and check back for future events.

Today we bring you a new feature on the US forums: The Server Calendars.


This feature gives all players the opportunity to announce events for their servers and to make those events appear in a specific calendar.

You probably noticed the new Calendar link on top of all pages, this link directs you to the calendar index page where you can choose to view a specific server calendar and also have a quick overview of all events happening for the current day on all servers.

We also added an “Events” subforum to all server forums. These forums will be used to discuss any event, in a thread automatically created when a new event is added to a server calendar. When you are browsing those forums, all upcoming events for the next 7 days are always displayed on top of the thread list, giving you a good overview of what will happen on your server during the current week.

Event Types

There are 3 different types of events that you can create:

Single, All Day Event is the best choice for "normal" events that just stand for one day or evening.

Ranged Events last for a couple of hours, days or weeks. When you create a Ranged event you’ll also be asked for start/end time and date.

Recurring Events
repeat automatically after a defined period. It can be for instance one time per week, month or year, and you also have some other extended possibilities. Please DO NOT abuse this feature, daily recurring events will not be tolerated as it will only spam your server calendar making it practically unusable.

Event Creation

You have 2 possibilities to create an event:

You can either open a thread in an Event forum, and the posting interface will ask you to choose a date. Once the thread is created, the event is automatically added for you in the server calendar. Note that this option only allows you to create a Single day event.

Or you can use the “Add new event” option that appear on the bottom right of all calendars:

  • Single, All Day Event
  • Ranged Event
  • Recurring Event

This will create a discussion thread in the server’s Event forum. Note that this second option is the only way to create Ranged events and Recurring events.


Please note that all events will be moderated, meaning that when you create an event, you will have to wait for a moderator to accept your event before the other players can see it. We’ve chosen this method for the beginning to make sure that players won’t “screw” with the calendar. If this new feature is used correctly and not being abused, we might consider in a few weeks to let the community add new events without prior moderation checks.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new feature and that it will help you to organize and plan amazing events and happenings in Hyboria!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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