Brace yourself: we’ve unleashed a massive update for PlayerScore this week
that’s not just going to knock your socks off, it’s going to take your feet
along for the ride. Good thing most of you play WoW sitting down, although I’m
not too sure how well the Steeringwheel Mages would fare without any feet to step on the
gas pedal…

What’s so amazing about PlayerScore Patch 4.3.02? I’m glad you asked! Check
out these features and then try to tell me you're not as excited as I am:

  • Zul’Aman has returned as a level-85 5-player Heroic dungeon featuring a revamp
    of the original dungeon and improved loot!
  • Zul’Gurub has returned as a level-85 5-player Heroic dungeon featuring all-new
    encounters, achievements, and improved loot!

Crap – wait a second – that’s not right. That’s the other big patch
that’s had everyone grumbling about recycled content for most of the past

The good news is that I’ve already downloaded and began using PlayerScore Patch 4.3.02 and can
assure you that it contains no trolls or recycled content whatsoever. So exactly
what does it contain?

Your own mileage may vary, but the thing that has me all sorts of happy is the
awesome new PvP Tab in the AddOn. When we launched PlayerScore this was perhaps
my biggest wish list item since, more often than not, I’m doing some form of PvP
when I log in on my main. As one of the most important aspects of the endgame
experience for me, I could usually care less about who has which raid bosses
down, or if Captain Amazing has a belt buckle holding his metal pants up.

While those features already exist in the AddOn and here on the website, they
still don’t help me know who I might want to let into a Rated Battleground run,
or if the Arena team I just joined hasn’t had a victory for all of Season 9.

This update changes all of that. So if you’re even remotely into PvP in WoW,
download it. Use it.
Love it. And don't forget, just like adding a thumbs up / thumbs down rating or comment for that awesome healer / idiot that just saved / ruined your Dungeon Finder group, you can do the same for that AFK shaman that thinks they're being clever by "hiding" in the bushes to leech honor points in Arathi Basin. You now who you are, and I can see you hiding in there, so knock it off!

The PvP Tab may be my personal favorite new feature, but Patch 4.3.02 adds or addresses a
number of other important things as well. Below you’ll find a quick list of what
the update includes, with a more detailed look at each item found on the
following page.

Update Notes Overview for PlayerScore Patch 4.3.02

  • Fixed a bug involving "ClassColor" on line 2544.
  • Fixed a bug which caused lag or errors on mouseover of loot items.
  • Added the option to disable the Masterloot tooltip information when mouseing
    over items.
  • Slight changes in Default Template Transparency.
  • Added PVP Statistics to PVP Frame.
  • Added Arena Ratings & Rated Battleground Information to PVP Frame.
  • Improved Quick Scan Feature
  • Updated English Local File
  • Added Enchantment status Text to item tooltips - Thanks Wolfpreacher!
  • Significant Reduction in UIAchievement Errors.
  • Queued Scanning.

For complete details on the above items, continue to the next page, or head dirctly to the PlayerScore Download page to get the latest version.

Full Update Notes for PlayerScore Patch 4.3.02

  • Fixed a bug involving "ClassColor" on line 2544 - This was a bug that occurred when mousing over certain items in an individual's
    inventory. It was caused by conflicts with other item tooltip addons, and has been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug which caused lag or errors on mouseover of loot items - When
    mousing over loot items a special tooltip is shown for upgrade status. However,
    this was bugged due to an error that sneaked in with the super-quick-scan-mode
    in the previous version.
  • Added the option to disable the Masterloot tooltip information when mousing
    over loot items
    - Previously there was no way to avoid seeing this information.
  • Slight Changes in Template Transparency - Although we don't view the
    AddOn as too big, many players do. To address this, the main template has been set to be semi-transparent, which will allow you to see whats
    going on in the game while the window is up. Don't forget, you can also scale the size of the Graphical User
    Interface by adjusting the "UI Scale" setting in the PlayerScore options menu.
  • Added PvP Statistics to PvP Frame - The PvP Frame is now up and running, and
    you can now view a player's stats there. These stats include Battleground and
    Arena victories, and the overall percentage won in each type. (Warsong Gulch,
    Arathi Basin, 2v2, 3v3, etc...) They are color coded from Red > Orange > Yellow > Green to indicate Terribad > Bad > Okay > Good ratings for easy reference.
  • Added Arena Ratings & Rated Battleground Information to PvP Frame - You can
    now also view the Rated Battlegrounds and Arena Ranks information in the PvP
    Tab. This is a copy of the frame used when inspecting a player and viewing their
    PvP information.
  • Improved Quick Scan Feature - Removed some redundant redundancies with other
    functions to speed up the quick scan and reduce a couple of bugs.
  • Update English / Russian Local File - Updated some language in the Local for
    English and Russian.
  • Added Enchantment status Text to item Tooltips - A few users mentioned that
    because of reforging it could sometimes be difficult to distinguish whether or
    not an item had an enchantment without memorizing all the enchantments. To address this, either a "X Unenchanted" or "? Enchanted" indicator will now appear for the item.
  • Significant Reduction in UIAchievement Errors
  • Queued Scanning - Previously, when targeting
    a player an inspection was used with the "Quick-Scan" feature. This would prevent you from using the PlayerScore GUI to inspect them further or
    to view more detailed information. However, the system has been modified to queue that inspection when it becomes available. This should allow you to use the PlayerScore GUI even when Quick-Scan mode is enabled.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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