Setting Sail with Pirates CSG: Steve Martins and SOE / Worlds Apart Chart a New Online World for Authentic Miniatures Gaming.

December 14th was launch day for Pirates Constructible Strategy Game Online (or "Pirates CSG Online", "Pirates CSG", or - with apologies to Sid Meier - just "Pirates" for short), and Pirates CSG is newest online offering from Sony Online Entertainment / Worlds Apart. You may recall Worlds Apart from games like "Star Chamber" and, more recently, "Auto Assault TCG". They've been busy in the months since the SOE acquisition, taking Pirates CSG from concept to fun-filled reality in an astounding 4 months. Director of Development Scott Martins was kind enough to take time out of his extremely busy day to tell us about the making and future of the game.

"Whatever SOE's long-term strategy in might be in the CSG / TCG line, they and Worlds Apart clearly believe in the strength of the Pirates CSG Online property. "We'd already been talking to Wiz Kids when we closed the Sony deal, and this was our first foray from 2D games trading card games to 3D collectibles," Martins said, referring to the punch-apart styrene minatures that make up the original physical set. "It was a great fit because the Wiz Kids game is so popular and has such a great audience. Their Pirates game is so fun and accessible we thought it'd be a great way to get our feet wet in the 3D space with our back-end structure and trading card know-how." Add SOE's know-how in the e-commerce department - platform, web presence, storefront - to the piratey mix, and you have a fun new title just in time for holiday show-off sessions with friends and family."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016