What's a Pirate Without a

When Pirates of the Burning Sea was launched a few months ago, many
players were clearly interested in the game, but a fair number were
disappointed by some of the systems that weren't thoroughly completed
before the release of the game. However, over the last few months the
developers at Flying Lab Software have been retooling a number of the
in-game systems along with merging the servers to increase the player
economies in the game. At the ION Games Conference, Cody "Micajah" Bye
sat down with Joe Ludwig, director of development for Pirates of the
Burning Sea, and discussed what's been happening to the players in the
game and what players should expect from the newly unveiled patch 1.5.

Ten Ton
: What's the news on 1.5? What's that all about?

Joe: What
we've been focusing on up to this point is trying to make
sure that the big systems - PvP, the economy, and conquests, that sort
of thing - are all in good shape. What we're doing with 1.5 is a little
different. Instead of focusing on these big new features that address
our big issues - which are in much better shape then they were a few
months ago - we're spending the entire month working on nothing but
polish. Getting rid of things that are annoying to people kind of

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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