Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures US Community Manager Glen "Famine" Swan posted the new Server Merger Faq today to answer many of the questions the community might have about the upcoming server mergers. The Faq answers questions such as when the server mergers will happen, how long it will take, and what will happen to names and battle keeps after the merger.

What happens if several characters with the same name end up on the same server?

This depends on the following aspects and rules:

  • Is the character on a still active account?
  • If several characters of the same name are all from active accounts, the one with the higher level will keep his name.
  • If merged characters have the same level, the one from an account which is registered on a longer time base will keep the name (so 3 month recurring over 1 month recurring).
  • If characters are from accounts with the same subscription recurring time, the last login will decide which one keeps the name.

The other(s) will be prompted a message at the first attempt to log in with that character stating that a new name must be given to this character.

  • Read the full Faq here.
  • Discuss it on our forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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