In the latest Ten Ton Hammer Live! Podcast, Warhammer Online Producer Carrie Gouskos provided exclusive, never-before-revealed information about the hideous Skaven! Under the influence of warpstone, she revealed details about the various type of Skaven that you can use, plus details on the huge Skaven dungeon! Yes! You will go into the festering tunnels of the hideous rat-men to fight them on their own turf. If that wasn’t enough exclusive information, I can only say Throt the Unclean! Now wipe the crazy foam from your mouths and read on about the Skaven. Oh yeah, there’s also some information on changes to the RvR mechanics, the decision to stay subscription based, and other non-Skaven things.

Ten Ton Hammer: Imagine I have never heard of Warhammer and I don’t know what Skaven are. What can we look forward to within the game with these guys?

Carrie Gouskos: Skaven are this sort of mercenary group of rat-men. They have some really cool abilities. Part of what we wanted to do was to capitalize on some of the cool stuff they could do. The things that we’re going to allow them to do are pretty uber, so the idea is that you go out and you hire these mercenary Skaven.

Read the full interview and learn more about the Skaven!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016