Answers to the galactic community's questions!

Thousands of Star Trek fans have been waiting with bated breath for each new piece of information that is released about Cryptic's upcoming project Star Trek Online. Among the news that has been released is Ten Ton Hammer's Q&A with Jack Emmert from GenCon 2008 and screenshots from the game. With each new piece of information, other questions about the game remain unanswered. Cryptic Studios has taken several questions from the Star Trek Online community and posed them to the developers and Ten Ton Hammer has the answers here for you to enjoy!

Will I be able to trick out my Bird of Prey with green flame decals to show off when I decloak to "pwn Federation nubs"?

Captain Geko: One of Cryptic Studios' hallmark features in all of its games is giving players ultimate customizability when it comes to their characters. We are fully utilizing our character creation technology in Star Trek Online to include customizing both characters and starships. You will be able to customize your ship's geometry, as well as its color, decals and fleet insignia.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016