f there's one team that knows how to give their community information, it's the team at Cryptic. For the last year, the developers and public relations team have been slowly doling out about Champions Online, and that trend hasn't changed with the inclusion of Star Trek Online. Cryptic recently revealed another selection of "Ask Cryptic" which details exploration, upgrading ships and more!

What kinds of physics are governing the movement of ships? Will the physics engine be realistic with the "correct" mass and thrust ratios for each ship? I would like to see this as much as your physics tech allows, so we may enjoy authentic movements during space flight.

Cryptic: Turning radiuses, acceleration, deceleration, and general maneuverability will all be dependent on the size of each ship. Smaller fighters will be able to fishtail and maneuver quickly, while larger ships will have gradual turns, slower acceleration, and slower stops.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016