Star Trek Online is one month into its lifespan and the development team has made great strides to improve the game. Even so, there are many pre-launch questions that need some answers. Where do we stand on the pre-launch promises? Today we highlight a few key issues that we're looking very forward to for fixes and/or updates.

Re-specs for Careers:

Nothing chaps my hide more than knowing a decision I make early on in a game may be regretted for the remainder of the character’s span. Luckily we shouldn’t be waiting too long on this particular issue as it made an appearance on the developer’s State of the Game as a hot topic. I’m looking forward to undoing those embarrassing first-timer specs.

Excluding the latest fun of Discountgate, we look at what should be on the developer's to do list. What did we hit and miss in One Month In, Sill Waiting?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016