If there's one game that many individuals have been waiting years for,
it's Star Trek Online. Through all the tumultuous escapades and
scandalous interactions, Star Trek Online has finally fallen into the
hands of a worthy developers, and the fine folks at Cryptic Studios are
well on their way to creating a space epic masterpiece. At the annual
Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, Cryptic Studios' Jack Emmert gave
fans eight big details about Star Trek Online, and the Ten Ton Hammer
staff has posted them for you to read about at your leisure, so enjoy!

style="font-style: italic;">2. Will you be a captain of a

Yes. Emmert noted that
you will be able to control the ship and its
crew from day one. However, you may not start out at the rank of
captain. “As all of you know,” Emmert said while
addressing the fans,
“you don’t necessarily need to be a
captain’s rank [to command a
starship]. You’ll need to earn your way up to it.
You’ll start out with
a small ship and a small crew and slowly build your way up.”

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016