Star Trek Online will soon be launching its next update with Season Two: Ancient Empires. The new update will allow Star Trek fans to venture into Fluidic space and learn more about the Undine and their conflict with the Borg through five new episodes. Season Two will also increase the level cap to 51, allowing Federation players to earn an Exploration Cruiser retrofit that features a saucer separation. Klingons haven't been forgotten in Season Two as they will also gain new missions and a new ship of their own.

New Tier 5 ships for both the Federation and Klingon factions. The Federation will receive an Exploration Cruiser retrofit featuring saucer separation, a Tactical Escort retrofit with a non-combat cloaking device and a Long Range Science Vessel retrofit with ablative generators. The Klingon Empire will receive the Kar'Fi Carrier, a Fek’Ihri Tactical Carrier with kamikaze S'Kul Fighters.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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