Cryptic has heard the wailing and gnashing of teeth. They are not blind to your protest signs. They also know that the renewal period (aka witching hour) is upon us. If you've been thinking about quitting Star Trek Online because of (insert issue X, Y or Z here) then make sure to peruse this week's State of the Game before you hit that cancel subscription button.

Now that the game is out and in your loving hands, we're taking long, hard looks at everything each and every one of you is interested in seeing changed. Cruiser turn rates? Death penalties? More open auto-fire? All those topics and more are being scrutinized by the all-seeing eye of... um, us!

Some of the few things on the way:

* Respec
* Death Penalty
* Difficulty Slider
* More open auto-fire
* Replayable missions
* Improving Memory Alpha
* Fixing those Commodity missions

Some of the top vote-getters from the forums are listed, so Cryptic is definitely listening. Medeor takes out his red pen and adds his own commentary, so make sure you check out the rest of the Star Trek Online: State of the Game and then hit us with the hi's and lows in our forums.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016