This week, Cryptic's Craig Zinkievich provides a new State of the Game for Star Trek Online. With the tide turning away from launch issues (both things included and excluded) and we turn our eye to the future, the SotG shows the development team extending the olive branch as well as building the community bridge. The response thus far has been almost too sickly sweet on the official forums. Some of the reasons include Cryptic opening the lines of communication:

General advisory: All Cryptic hands are hereby instructed to reconfigure comm. badges to broadcast.

What does that mean? Our devs are on the forums more, we're sharing what we're working on in a variety of ways and we're publishing a calendar. The goal? Be as transparent as possible. We're going to tell you what we're doing as often as we can. We're going to give you the date we're shooting for on the calendar, even if it ends up slipping. We're going to tell you the bug we're squashing, even if it's a resilient bugger. We're going to show you that your subscription to Star Trek Online is a subscription to an ongoing service of tremendous value.

Overall it's a good report and welcome news in terms of the developer bridging the communication gap with the players. That doesn't preclude Medeor from sticking his nose in where it may or may belong in his State of the Game Report. Did anything jump out at you while reading this or was there another topic that should have been covered?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016