Star Trek Online (STO) Executive Producer Dan Stahl returns this week to answer another round of community questions in the latest Ask Cryptic. Stahl fielded 34 more questions from the community this week, many aimed at the cosmetic side of STO with players wanting to know when additional ship interiors might be available as well as customizing what can appear on a bridge, officers being one of those.

In response to one question, Stahl also noted that Bridge Officer assignments are still a planned feature that the team hopes to add in the future. This will essentially allow you to assign one of your officers to a lead position (Chief Engineer, Chief of Security, etc), but the first order of business is to get the Duty Roster set up and see what kind of impact it has on the game. Stahl also touched on the request for new ships, the upcoming Oberth science vessel, PvP territory control, Season 4 changes and much more. In the last question, Stahl also reveals that one day in the future we'll see content added to the game relating to V'ger, the probe from the first Star Trek movie, noting the probe's appearance in his avatar is there for a reason. Check out all the latest questions and answers in this week's Ask Cryptic.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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