Going Where No Podcast Has Gone Before!

The folks at StarTrek-Online.net have uploaded their inaugural episode of STOCast, the first podcast dedicated exclusively to Star Trek Online. In this initial podcast, the StarTrek-Online.net staff interview John Eaves, an illustrator that has been working with the Star Trek universe since 1994. It's an interesting look into the art process of STO, and make sure you check it out!

So far on ST:O I’m pretty much just doing exterior ship designs. They have kind’ve a talented artist in every kind of realm – they have one guy that kind’ve handles characters, another one that does costumes. Ryan [Dening] here does a lot of the landscapes and kind’ve the overall view of just about everything; he’ll do the ships, kind’ve set the tone of what things are gonna look like. You’ve got Rob Brown that does a lot of the exteriors and the landscapes and the planetary stuff. Just an incredible base of talent.

Head to their site and check out the podcast here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016