swtor a look back at x-wing

SWTOR may be the newest Star Wars game out there, but the legacy of Star Wars games is a long one. Long before players thought of playing online in a Star Wars game, there existed games set in the Star Wars universe that you could play in the arcade, on various consoles, and, naturally, the computer. Swtorhub.com returns to those hallowed days of yore and looks back at one of the most popular Star Wars games ever: X-Wing.

You had total control of the environment in X-Wing. You could issue commands to your wingmen, adjust the recharge rate of your shields and lasers, adjust your throttle speed, change your shield facing and strength, and fly wherever you wanted to go. That's right, my friends, this old school flight sim was not on rails! You could have mad dogfights against Tie Fighters all day long if you wished. The missions could vary from straight out dogfights to bombing runs to even reconnaissance missions. X-Wing promised Star Wars style space combat and, boy, does it deliver.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016