star wars the old republic top five valuable items in patch 1.3

While the upcoming patch 1.3 for SWTOR doesn't match the scale of patch 1.2, there are quite a number of great things heading players' way. Which new items will players chase after in a frenzy of desire? How will changes in the game make older items more coveted? To that end, looks at the five most valuable items in parch 1.3 for SWTOR.

Probably one of the biggest changes coming in patch 1.3 for SWTOR is the ability for players to add an augments slot to green level gear or higher. To do this, players will need both credits and an augmentation kits to enhance a piece of gear at an Item Modification Table. Players will be able to craft augmentation kits using Armstech, Armormech, and Synthweaving. To create an augmentation kit, players will need ten components that are gathered from reverse engineering crafted gear. The kits and components will be grouped by tier, with the reverse engineered items yielding components of the appropriate tier.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016