top five races that should be playable in swtor

One of the most fascinating aspects of Star Wars is the sheer amount of alien races to be found within the confines of a galaxy far, far away. As someone who saw the original movie in the theater when it was initially released, I can honestly say that people were literally blown away by the vast array of alien races shown on screen. The cantina scene was considered the most memorable movie scene of all time and still ranks extremely high over thirty years later. Fortunately for us gamers, the plethora of alien races also exists in SWTOR. Players have a choice ranging from the normal human to Chiss to Twi'lek. However, there is room for more player choices, and takes a look at the top five alien races that should be available to players.

Our first choice of playable races is a no-brainer. Wookiees have been with Star Wars since the beginning and were even the focal point of the eye-gouging and atrocious Star Wars Holiday Special. As an alien race, wookiees are bad-ass to the extreme with their ferocious strength and mighty roars and growls. Just the thought of playing a melee DPS as a wookiee makes me want to start tearing the limbs off of droids. Just think about it; the coolest character to be able to hang with Han Solo was Chewbacca.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016