An Old Favorite Gets a
New Expansion

Electronic Arts announced today that Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn, the
latest expansion to Ultima Online, is now available for free download
and FilePlanet.
Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn introduces a  graphic update,
all-new user interface and updated new player experience to Ultima
Online, the MMO that arguably ushered in the modern MMO era.

For newcomers to Ultima Online, a free 14-day trial of Kingdom Reborn
is now available for download href="">here.

With Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn, the legendary
kingdom has been
redrawn, reengineered and rebuilt for the next decade of players
seeking an epic, fantasy MMO experience. The revamped new player
content welcomes those who have never adventured through the celebrated
lands of Ultima Online. Additionally, enhanced visuals and brand-new
user interface present the game in a whole new light to veteran players.

"As the tenth anniversary of Ultima Online's launch approaches, Kingdom
Reborn introduces an entirely new experience while preserving the
spirit of the classic MMO," said Mark Jacobs, VP and General Manager of
EA Mythic. "Kingdom Reborn represents EA's ongoing commitment to MMOs
and Ultima Online's dedicated and loyal community, some of whom have
been playing the game since its launch almost ten years ago."

To learn more about Ultima Online: Kingdom Reborn, visit

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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