Last month the team over at Undead Labs posted a spy cam video from around the lab that showed off gameplay footage from their upcoming title, Class3. This led to a lot of questions from the community, so this week the team took up several questions and comments and posted a response.

For those worried about load times there is some good news, Undead Labs has invested in technology to make the world of Class3 seamless.

Class3 is a true open-world game, so conveying a sense of freedom and the joy of exploration is a core pillar of the game. We don’t want you debating whether the load time is a price worth paying for entering a building, so we’ve invested in the technology to allow the world to be seamless with no loading screens.

Additionally, the team also talked about barricades, special zombies, music and much more. Read more on the Undead Labs website.

Source: Ragdolls, Land Mines, and Tentacles, or Just Another Day at the Lab

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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