Valheim Beginner Guide

Valheim is a wonderful, yet punishing survival game that can be played in single or co-op mode. 

This Valheim beginner's guide will help you not only survive, but thrive! 

Valheim Tip #1 - Harvest Resources and Craft

The first thing you need to do is gather some wood and stone so you can craft some basic tools.  Valheim is a game of crafting things, so that you can craft better things and so on. Wood can be harvested from branches on the ground.  You can also attack plants and bushes.   Go figure.  Stones can be found lying on the ground.

The first tool you should make is an Axe. Your days of punching bushes are behind you once you have an axe. Next, craft a Club to defend yourself.  Next, craft a Hammer.   You will want to place a workbench where it will be protected from the elements.  You will use this to craft more advanced tools.  

Valheim Tip #2 - Feed Yourself

In Valheim it is impossible to die from starvation, but food boosts your maximum health and stamina. You are allowed to eat up to three types of food at once.  These will boost health, stamina and heal you. 

Raspberries and Mushrooms will be your initial food sources.

Valheim Tip #3 - Build a Safe Base

Much of the fun in Valheim comes from building.  Once you have a Hammer and a Workbench you can start building.   The starting Meadow Biome is a safe place to build.  Valheim will throw a lot at you, but the learning experience is the most fun part of the game loop. 

Valheim Tip #4 - Practice Combat

Enemies in Valheim all have their own attack patterns and tells.  Practice combat in the starting zone by fighting Necks, Greylings and Boars.   Blocking and dodging attacks are important skills to master. 

Making a bow will come in handy as you can whittle down enemies before they get to you. 

The more you use a weapon, the higher your skill will become in that particular weapon. 

Valheim General Tips


  • Shift-clicking on an inventory item will split the stack. 
  • Ctrl-clicking on an inventory item will automatically put the entire stack on the floor or if you have storage inventory open, it will move the stack to that inventory.
  • You can put multiple cooking stations over a single campfire.
  • Trees that you cut down can fall and damage their surrounding. They can also roll down hills and damage your builds.
  • Digging down in stone circles often rewards you with treasure.  You will require a Pickaxe


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Last Updated: Feb 15, 2021