Valheim: How to Repair Armor, Weapons and Tools

Repairing your gear in Valheim is very important.  Here is how you do it. 

Valheim is a survival game and as such everything is a struggle to simply stay alive.   One aspect of the struggle and the game loop is that your armor, weapons and tools wear out over time.  To keep things moving along smoothly you need to repair everything.  

In this Valheim guide we will show you how to repair your items. 


The process of repairing your items in Valheim is, unlike many things in the game,  easy. Simply craft a covered workbench. 

If you look at your armor, weapons, and tools you will see that they all have a duribality number.   The more you use something the more it wears out.  Eventually the item will become unusable and must be repaired.

Here is the step-by-step process. 

  1. Put the item in your inventory if it isn't already there. 
  2. Open your workbench
  3. Your crafting menu should be on the right-side of your screen.  To the left is a hammer icon.  
  4. Clicking on the hammer will repair the items in your inventory, one at a time, in order. 
  5. Click until you have repaired everything that you want repaired. 
  6. Done!

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Last Updated: Feb 22, 2021