Warframe: Returning Players Guide to the Star Chart

Warframe's evolving universe is an expansive playground for both new and returning Tenno. Navigating the Star Chart can be overwhelming with its multitude of icons and activities. This guide serves as a quick reference to help you understand the Star Chart's features and make the most of your interstellar journey.

1. Profile & Multiplayer Settings: Customize Your Experience

Engage in the Warframe universe either solo or with friends. The profile and multiplayer settings tabs provide a snapshot of your Loadout and offer options to play in Public, Friends Only, Invite Only, or Solo modes. Here, you can also invite fellow Tenno to join your Squad for cooperative play.

2. Quests & Events: Stay on Top of Your Missions

Keep track of your ongoing Quests and stay alert to time-sensitive events. The navigation tabs give you access to a wide array of activities. Hover over icons to learn about Alerts, Void Fissures, Sorties, and other events that offer unique challenges and rewards.

3. Duviri: Enter a Roguelike Realm

After completing “Vor’s Prize,” the ominous helmeted head icon of Dominus Thrax grants access to the “The Duviri Paradox” Quest. This leads you to the bizarre world of Duviri, a roguelike realm full of mysteries and unique challenges.

4. Railjack: Engage in Space Combat

Construct your Railjack in the “Rising Tide” Quest and embark on the Empyrean Star Chart. Unlike traditional missions, Empyrean focuses on space battles aboard your Railjack, offering a completely different combat experience.

5. The Steel Path: Challenge Yourself

Toggle between “Origin System (Normal)” and “The Steel Path” for a heightened challenge. The Steel Path mirrors the standard Star Chart but features significantly tougher enemies. Completing each mission on this path unlocks subsequent nodes, akin to a new playthrough.

6. Nightwave: Earn Rewards through Challenges

Nightwave presents a series of daily and weekly challenges for all Tenno. Earn Standing by completing these challenges and receive rewards from Nora Night, ranging from customization options to weapon slots and powerful upgrades.

7. Adversaries: Unique Foes Await

Encounter your unique adversaries, either a Kuva Lich or a Sister of Parvos, as they claim territories on your Star Chart. Battle these foes and their minions in their domain to acquire potent Kuva and Tenet Weapons.

8. Resource Drones: Simplify Resource Gathering

Deploy Extractor drones on fully unlocked worlds to passively gather resources. Manage your drones effectively to prevent breakdowns and ensure a steady supply of crafting materials.

9. Public & Private Chat: Connect with the Community

Engage with the Warframe community through various chat channels. From seeking advice in Q&A to finding squads in Recruiting or making trades, the chat window is your gateway to interacting with fellow Tenno and enhancing your gameplay experience.


The Star Chart in Warframe is a gateway to endless adventures. Whether you're battling through the Duviri Paradox, commanding your Railjack in space, or tackling the Steel Path, there's always something new to explore. Keep this guide handy as you navigate the stars and redefine your Warframe experience.

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Last Updated: Feb 14, 2024