Mythic Entertainment has been dealing with a bit of a crisis over the last week with their botched billing issues for Warhammer Online and Dark Age of Camelot, but the team issued a statement this week stating that most of the issues from last week have been resolved. Unfortunately, some financial institutions will take a little longer to reverse charges due to the weekend, but those that haven't been taken care of yet should be soon. Mythic is also urging anyone that still has additional charges such as overdraft fees from their bank to call 650-628-1001 during operation hours for assistance. Players outside the US are urged to file an appeal here.

We are encouraged to know that the billing issue has been fully resolved for the majority of our customers, but we also understand that this issue has impacted some more than others.  If after receiving your refund your financial institution refuses to remove any additional fees incurred as a direct result of the erroneous charges, then we may be able to provide assistance and encourage you to contact us by calling 650-628-1001 during our hours of operation, which are 10:00 AM EDT - 10:00 PM EDT, 7 days a week. For those playing outside of the United States who do not wish to make an international call, please create an in-game appeal; for additional instructions on how to file an appeal click here.

We realize that due to the weekend not all financial institutions have been able to process and restore the charges, and that it may still take 2-3 business days before they do.  We wish to help all players as quickly as possible, however please know that we are able to best assist you once the reversed charges are reflected in your account.

If you have been financially affected in a way we are not aware of or for any reason you cannot wait for the refund to clear your institution, please call or contact us immediately and we assist you in any way we can at the number listed above.

Thank you,

The Mythic Entertainment Team

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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